Is your company expanding and opening new offices? Is your computer, network and phone technology hitting end of life? Are you hesitant to invest in new capital expenditures to expand or maintain your business? Do you have the technical staff necessary to install and maintain your systems? It may be time to move to the Cloud!

Cloud Computing is a process where companies access all their critical programs via the internet or a private connection from a cloud provider's servers located in a data center instead of from servers in the their own office. Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications which are fully managed by the cloud services provider.

Business Tech Advisors will compare Cloud providers for you and help your company review the various solutions. You will have the cost savings and efficiency of no up-front capital costs, no additional IT staff and no equipment or software maintenance requirements. No more outdated technology, expired licenses or costly upgrades. Most importantly, network downtime will be dramatically reduced with a well-designed Disaster Recovery plan. Your company will be able to expand or consolidate very quickly with a manageable, affordable and flexible monthly service fee.

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